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6 Juin 2017

The Perfect Range

Okay, so there is a book with this title, The Perfect Range. That book is intended for beginners playing at 1-2 No Limit games. The range is good, but it’s still a bit wide. If you really want to play the perfect range of opening hands, then consider a recent study that was conducted over millions of hands. It showed that the +EV (Expected Value) starting hands were pairs from AA-55, Ax-suited from AKs-A5s, any two suited Broadway cards (cards ten or higher), KQ, KJ, K9-suited, Q9-suited, and JT-suited. In other words, if you were to only play these starting hands, you would greatly increase your odds of becoming a profitable player. It also means that you should be folding 44, 33, 22, A4-suited, A3-suited, A2-suited, QT, and JT unless you’re seeing a cheap flop from the Button, Small Blind, or Big Blind.

Not Black & White

Of course, nothing in poker is black and white. The best answer to any poker strategy question is always: “It depends.” For instance, if you’re playing in a very passive and weak 1-2 NL game, then you want to open up the aforementioned range because your aggression will pay off and you will be able to read your opponents well. If you’re in an average to strong game, then it’s highly recommended that you stick with the range above. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself in many difficult spots: “Should I call of fold?” You want to avoid these spots as much as possible because emotions can take over. If you make the wrong decision, then you will end up going on tilt, and once you go on tilt, you will be bleeding your chips away. Despite there being many variables for poker strategy, you need to start somewhere, and it’s recommended that you start with the information provided in this article.

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